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The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy is the realisation of a dream which began as The Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble, formed in 1984 under the direction of it's conductor Alfred J. D'Souza.

The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy provides a platform to budding musicians & choirs to perform on the big stage, particularly at the Festival of Festive Music held at the NCPA’s Tata Theatre every December. It has represented India at various international choral festivals & competitions and has put the nation on the global stage.

The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy, registered in 1991, has supported several deserving causes including The Home for the Aged, The Widows of Soldiers of Kargil, the Cancer Patients’ Association, Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, Mobile Creches, the Tsunami Relief Fund, St. Vincent the Paul Society, Welfare of Stray Dogs and most recently catering to the needs of migrant workers during the lockdown.


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